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                                  NEWSLETTER    FEBRUARY 2016


Well, we have had a start to this year that has had many facets to it. Your brilliant children have begun with a positive attitude and intent to make 2016 the best year of growing and learning ever.


We are so privileged at Bromley School to work with such a dedicated, professional staff and awesome parents. I truly believe we have one of the best learning environments in the world and it is with great expectation and excitement that I look to what we will accomplish this year.


The earthquake yesterday served to remind us of where we live but also of how great Christchurch is as well. I saw heaps of families at the beach about half an hour after the earthquake just getting on with it. Personally it was the fright factor rather than any form of danger that I felt and the way people reacted reminded me what a great Country and City we live in.


As for the school we are 100% operational. The teachers have talked to the children and revisited our procedures. We plan on running as normal from here on. Any future wobbles will be handled on a case by case basis but I need to assure you that the safety and care of your child is our top priority.


  Without making too much of a sweeping statement, I don’t think we would close the school even if we had an identical event to Sunday while the children were here. The school closing would most likely be influenced by disruption to power, water, sewage or dangers on the roads or to property.


None of these things happened yesterday. We are aware that the danger is more likely to be emotional rather than physical. So we do not deny reality but we don’t dwell on it. Our emotions are crucial to our human lives but we don’t allow ourselves to be led by them. Our focus is on getting things sorted, acknowledging worries and concerns and then getting on with it


Hopefully this is the last time I mention earthquakes and we can continue to enjoy life to the max.


Scot Kinley