Newsletter June 8th 2016

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Ki Ora , Talofa , Welcome.


Today our school was very close to going into a lockdown for real. We detected a gas smell around 9.30 and the Fire Department and Ambulance Service were alerted to come and check the area out. The children were all in class at the time and all movement around the school was suspended. The Fire Department cleared the school around 10.15. The origin of the gas at this point has not been detected but we are assured the wind cleared the gas to prevent any health concerns. If your child does complain of headaches or feeling sick it may well be worthwhile getting them checked by a Doctor and telling the health officials of this. We have been assured that there is no danger to the health of the Bromley School Community.


Thank you to those who were able to attend the Student Parent Teacher Conference’s last week. It is important to have these conversations to let you know where your child is at with their learning and the progress that is being made. We do hope that if any specific concerns arise that you will make a further time to see the teacher. Final conferences are planned for November and that is a long way off if you have things you want to talk about at a deeper level.

Teachers are happy to make a time before or after school to discuss your child’s learning at any other time.


The Health Expo on Tuesday was fantastic. Miss Powell and her team did a great job organising it.  Jax Hamilton presented Healthy and simple eating tips to us. This was a never to be forgotten experience as well as being very delicious. We appreciate that it was cold and wet so a difficult time for families to get out, but I know that those who were able to get there enjoyed it.


I am pleased to announce our new Board of Trustees. Retiring from the Board are Mrs Leonie Phillips, (staff rep) Mrs Andrea Wild and Mrs Leigh Anderson. We so appreciate these ladies contributions over the years and again acknowledge the work in particular of Mrs Leigh Anderson who was on The Board for 16 years , with 15 years as Chairperson.


New Board Members joining the team are. Mrs Rebecca Abernethy and Mrs Helen Mullis (both Parent Reps )and Ms Jo Nicholls (staff rep). Current returning trustees are Steve Merito (BOT Chair) and Wayne Derham (Deputy BOT Chair).Our school is in very capable hands moving forward over the next three year term and it will be exciting to see the development and role’s these fine people have in that.


Bromley School has a major focus on learning. We have engaged the services of two of New Zealand’s top professional development tutors to work alongside our teachers and students in Maths and Writing. Mrs Helen Walters (Maths) and Mr Murray Gadd (Writing) are bringing amazing insights in how to teach these subjects. Our teachers are continually growing and learning themselves as we value life long learning here. We are confident that the input from this amazing pair will have direct benefit to your child skills, achievement  and understanding in these key areas of learning.


We are also very appreciative of Brad and Catherine from Caltex Dyers Road who continue to support us with resources to enable many activities to happen here at reduced cost or even free. I do not ever remember endorsing a business but I feel totally comfortable giving a high recommendation for Petrol, Carwash or motoring products to Caltex Dyers Road.


Speaking of local business I have been asked on numerous occasions who made the amazing table and chairs by the staff room. Another local business MIES Wood Products in Mace’s Road are responsible for this beautiful furniture.


We certainly have some great people around here and it continues to endorse what a great part of Christchurch we live in.


I must apologise on one area that we are still working on. ABSENCES. Child’s safety here is a number one priority .We have clear systems and a dedicated team following up any lateness or absences. Please call or txt if you know your child will be late or absent from school. The area we are trying to improve does not lie with human error, rather our new system that we are working to improve. We have been guilty of calling people to see if their child is away sick when in fact they are at school. We realise that a call from us would be very upsetting if you think your child is at school and we tell you they aren’t. The problem lies with the new system not allowing us to communicate internally but this technical problem will be sorted very soon. To help us before it is sorted please try to contact the office rather than letting the teacher know. That will lessen the incidence of this occurring. Apologies again and we will get this ironed out ASAP.


Basketball. It is so exciting to see the huge effort and skill level of our two teams that compete in the local tournament on Thursdays at Cowles Stadium. The amazing support of the parents, along with the management of Barb and Hamuera’s expert coaching is seeing these children have heaps of fun and win lots of their games. Ka Pai to all those involved


Have a great week.


Scot Kinley



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