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NEWSLETTER   June 15 2016


Kia Ora Talofa Welcome

It is with huge excitement that we have received the draft Master Build Plan for the redevelopment of Bromley School. This process is nearing an end and we will soon be able to begin and move forward with new buildings and upgrading the older ones.

We have an opportunity for input into the design and to hear people’s thoughts on this. I hope these meetings will take place before the end of this Term.

The new design incorporates the feedback we have received over the years and addresses better learning spaces, our substandard hall and improved indoor and outdoor flow. It will also enable us to upgrade play equipment and relocate the fenced off playground structure.

Also we have some more exciting news. The Mobile Support Hub will be in the Linwood area for one week a month. This hub will spend one day of that week at Bromley School. Our first designated day is this Friday, 17 June. I will see the hub for the first time this afternoon and be in a better position to explain its function then. Suffice to say that it is a large truck that will house a number of support agencies that our parents can easily access on the school grounds. I believe the sort of agencies may be, Housing, Employment, Police or whatever the community feels may be useful.

Please keep an eye out for the hub this Friday. I even think there may be some free goodies to entice you to have a look and see if there is value in it for you or your family. This Friday a free sausage will be given to children that want one as part of their promotion.

It’s also a great day as I am not on the news, sniffing the air. The air here is clear of any gas smell and you can be spared the vision of me on the TV. If anything else comes to light you can be assured I will let you know, but as of today there are no further developments.

Scot Kinley