Our Inspired Philosophy

At Bromley School we have 8 guiding principles that underpin our teaching and learning practice. These form the foundation of our school philosophy, which is the result of taking inspiration from many places, including educative practices in Reggio-Emilia, the New Zealand Curriculum, our own wonderful school community, and many others.

Our Reggio-inspired journey in particular and its impact on our school has been a factor in shaping what we value. 

The Reggio-Inspired approach is based on the simple principles of:
  • Respect
  • Building strong relationships with children and their families
  • Having an image that all children are full of potential, and are capable of developing their own ideas and knowledge with the support of their parents and teachers.
We see importance in all children having meaningful and authentic learning experiences that help to promote and develop their academic, social and emotional growth, as well as expand their global perception. Students in our school learn through a combination of core school-wide themes, built upon throughout each year and integrated across curriculum areas. Our school inquiry model (PROVOKE, CREATE, SHARE, EVALUATE) provides the framework for these. Children also have opportunities to design and manage their own student-initiated interest projects, in which they are guided to take an increasing level of ownership for as they move through the school. 
We strive to design our learning programmes to be engaging, relevant and highly responsive to the needs of our children and changing environment. Our teachers work hard to deliver best practices in literacy and numeracy in relation to National Standards, while also utilising classroom spaces that promote exploration and discovery, making learning visible and encouraging students to interact and collaborate with others across disciplines and curriculum areas in a range of contexts.